With so many today carrying wounds from within the Church, this is a good, good word. Be encouraged.. and keep in movin!

Mario Murillo Ministries


WHEN, that is a powerful word.  It means in the event of or if certain factors exist.

You know you are going to recover from a wounded heart when…


1. When you pray about your problem more than you think about your problem.

 The Bible gives simple but profound advice in James 5:13 “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. .  This verse flatly calls prayer a painkiller.  Here is the habit you need: replace the paralysis of analysis with prayer.  Turn all of those thoughts of regret and anger in to prayer.  Take all of the energy you use to figure out your crisis and divert it into prayer. When thoughts of dread and shame assail you at night funnel them into prayer.

God does want you to talk about your enemies; He just wants you to do it in the secret place…

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