Even unto Death

So, today I’ll post in pink, in honor of Pam. She was buried today with a beautiful spray of a variety of pink carnations. She was laid to rest in a beautiful white casket with carnations pictured all over it. It was by far the most beautiful casket I’ve ever see. As I was informed by  my daughters, carnations were her favorite flower. 

It’s been a pretty long day. I’m really starting to feel it, not just physically, but emotionally mentally as well.    

The service was great. It was not the typical funeral service. But then, this has never been a typical family. The family sat in the first few rows on the left, and then in the front row on the right, were a couple more young ladies who’ve been very much a part of the family for 6 to 10 yrs now. It was a very laid back service, but very nice. There was a picture show running continually while folks were gathering and paying their respects. Almost every picture had Pam smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

What made this service special, was Pam herself. Just a couple of months prior, when she first was told not to expect to live past about March, she had serious questions about her eternal destiny.Starting with a new bible, her pastor help her wade through the scriptures and find those answers. But she went further. Seems she had underlined, highlighted, and notated much of this brand new bible in the weeks prior to her departure. I was told she was devouring the Bible, just as she would any good book she got her hands on. A gentleman was asked to sift through these to pull together a picture of Pam’s life. He told us there were themes that ran through the scriptures she made note of… Hope, Trust,and Faith, all wrapped up in Love. I could see the answered prayers and answers to her questions in these selections. 

The pastor told the family that she’d left them a rich legacy, and handed her husband her bible. I watched as he picked it up later at his home, laid it in his lap and was reading it. What a beautiful blessing and gift she left her family, as her eldest daughter put it – “Mom left me a big gift; she gave me God”. I love this. Her life spoke volumes in her last handful of weeks on this side of heaven. She was a seed sown into the soil, that is already beginning to bear fruit.Watching this, brought me to tears, not for the loss of her, but for gain of so many prayers answered, and live’s prayerfully changed. 

God graced the earth with the blessing of her presence on earth, and now, she’s exploring the endless depths of heaven. Well Done Pam… Well done!  


One thought on “Even unto Death

  1. So glad to read this and know her journey ended so well. Thanks, Regina. I pray you have a restful week. I know you’ve been busy. 🙂 Talk to you when i get back from NC.

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