Capturing Rainbows

part of the rainbow that rang around the sun

The other day, just a couple days after my last post, my daughter comes running down the hall hollering “Mom!”  “WHAT” I answered. “Look, there’s another rainbow!”  Yep.. there it was. Didn’t even have to go looking for it.

So here I am today, minding my own business getting the mail, and for some unknown reason look up into the sky a bit. It was pretty windy on this bright and beautiful day. Lo and behold.. ha! another bit of a rainbow streaking across the sky. No rain. No black clouds, just these whispy ones all around. But where this bow was, there was barely any clouds, let enough to hold a rainbow. Only God.  Then I started looking for more, and even more to my surprise was the rainbow that encircled itself around the sun, like you see around a moon often at night. So I head in quickly to grab a camera to see if I can capture the rainbow.

Took a shot quick without looking at the setting, then changed the camera to auto, on vivid, took a couple and changed the setting again to take a few more shots. It was so bright out I couldn’t see the pics so I waited until I came inside.

not what I expected

the first take to capture the rainbow

attempt #2

This time, I used the ‘vivid’ setting.

I was taken back by what appeared to be a black and white photo on the first shot. It’s hard to find where the rainbow is on that photo. The first photo I’ve posted is part of the ring around the sun. The second is this ‘black and white’ shot. The next photo is more like I had intended, though on the photo the colors didn’t come across as bright as they were in real life.

I went back to the black and white, for I was intrigued by it’s appearance. One of those accidental ones we get once in awhile and think..”I couldn’t have gotten that one if I tried”. But something else caught my attention so I zoomed the picture in a bit. Note: while outside, I was intrigued by the appearance of some of these clouds, looking as if they were smoke vs vapor clouds. For those of you who appreciate the Glory…   🙂

As I zoomed in a bit, I noticed what looked like the figure of a woman or an angel kneeling, as if looking down over the rainbow. But when I zoomed in on her a bit, I nearly jumped out of my seat. Suddenly there appeared part of the head of someone. I could see the eyes and a hairline as well as part of the nose, as if this someone, much larger than the first, was peering out from behind the clouds. So, I got on the computer, cropped this photo and played with the contrast to see if I could get it clearer. So no, it’s not photo shopped, just a little contrast. (you should down load it and play with the contrast yourself. You just might be wonderfully amazed). 

appearing to watch over the rainbow

found these within the ‘mistake’ photo

So, in about a week’s time, we went looking for rainbows, found rainbows we didn’t look for, rainbows that shouldn’t have been possible, and now capturing wonders in the heavens over looking a rainbow. Too much fun!  

Keep looking up!


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