Who do YOU call Him?

You set apart

for yourself

a people

A people to whom

you gave Your Name

So when you came it had to be

to them 

They who were supposed to know You

They who waited for your arrival

Those who were looking for the 

Promised Messiah


To those whose hearts were pure

You were seen for Who You are

The same is true Today

For those who’d dare believe –

That the Holy God of all that is

Would love them so

That He Himself would save –

Who would recognize 

& receive the Kingdom

To repent of sin & worldly wisdom

Turning to you, 

Receiving Your Kingdom

Your Kingdom Come

Your Will to be done

Here on the earth 

Just as it is in Heaven


Men looked for the Son of Man

But missed the Son of God

Looking for a mere mortal

To do the work of the Anointed One, 

Our Savior, Messiah,

Redeemer and Friend,

Healer, Restorer, Protector,


Our rock & our Refuge

Our Tower of Strength,

Our Glory, Our Shield &

 Lifter of our head

You’re so much more

& Everything we need

Our Yahweh, I Am,

Lord of Lords & King of Kings


Departing from Heaven 

Bringing Glory to earth

Crushing the enemy

into the dirt

Sin and death defeating

By Your life sacrificing

Your bloodshed atoning

Brought your Glory 

To men


To all who’ll receive You

& believe on Your Name

To them have the right

To be born again

Not born of the earth 

Nor the sons of men

But born of The Spirit

Amen & Amen


Yet even so, 

the Cry remains:

“Repent & be Baptized

Believe on His Name

Just turn from the world 

and all it’s wicked ways

& turn unto Him

To walk in His Kingdom

That shall never end.

He came with His Kingdom

That we would have Life

So seek first His Kingdom

& His Righteousness

He is the Resurrection,

The Way, Truth and Life

There is no other way 

To live in the Light”


Someday soon

Again we will see You

All knees will bow

down low before You

All tongues will confess

That Jesus, You are Lord

Every eye will see

Every heart will know

All your Majesty 

& Your Authority

All the Nations will rejoice

Casting our crowns at Your Feet


The Lamb who is Worthy

You will take Your Place

Your Eternal Kingdom

Set fully in place


So who is it We look for

Throughout the earth today

How many will believe

That You ARE the One

The Holy One of Heaven


The Reconciling Son

Mt. Masaya (volcano in Nicagaragua) cross.


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