Repairing the Breach

So the last 17hours have produced yet another life lesson.

I asked someone about something they had, with no malice intended, and yet it turns out, the enemy had a field day. But! What the enemy intends for evil, God will turn around for good. Many will be familiar with Romans 8:28. I particularly like the wording of the NLT translation: And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

This was one of those days.

So this friend, unbeknownst to me had been struggling for the last couple of weeks. I did actually pick up on it a bit last week, but was unable to connect to inquire as to what was happening. Then last night I found out. OUCH!

I won’t go into particulars, lets just leave it at this friend said some things that he sincerely wished he could retract.

Now here I am given the choices of how to react, believe, interpret and respond.. or not. This truly had the potential to wreak utter havoc emotionally and even mentally. But, I heard something underlying what was said, that superseded the actual words that were said. I did not understand the reaction that was occurring, but had to assure myself that there was more going on than it appeared. And yet, I wrestled. This was a friend with whom there is great potential for partnership in the upcoming seasons of our lives. This is a friend I trusted and thought I pretty well knew his heart. And this not having been my first dance, there was the element of, oh, there’s got to be more going on than appears. Somewhere between last night and this morning the word breach came to mind.

Anyone familiar with Nehemiah understands about breaches. There’s a verse I was reminded of – Isaiah 58:12; Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. Some versions use the phrase repairer of the breach. Suddenly this verse finally made more sense. That is what Nehemiah and the returning exiles of Israel did.

Nehemiah had been told of the condition of the burned gates and broken walls of Jerusalem. He was broken over her condition and was sent by God and his king to do something about it. Walls were a protective measure. In Nicaragua, walls/gates/fences signify ownership. Property that’s walled or fenced in couldn’t be taken. Get the idea?

God has been rebuilding the foundations and the walls and gates of the Church. Much has been in disrepair for a long time. And just as in Nehemiah’s time, the building does not go on uncontested!

We must be on watch for offense. Although the wounds potentially can run deep, they cannot be left to fester. Relationships are destroyed. Connections lost. We can become isolated and more. So, with this in hand, I knew I could not sleep another night on this one, and needed to go repair this breach.

So when I found my friend, interrupting his face time, I asked if we could talk, and told him there was a breach to which he shook his head in agreement. I said I’d come to repair the breach.

God is so beautiful, gentle, loving and faithful. I suddenly couldn’t get a word to form. I’d promised myself I was not going to cry, knowing I would and hoping I wouldn’t, but I could not hold the flood gates closed. What I was not fully prepared for, was what came next.

I had prayed that God had gone before me and was preparing the way. What I didn’t know, was that He’d already been for several days. The 5 min conversation I was nearly afraid of having was a blessing of an hour. It was easy and a beautiful sharing of hearts. Yeah, the brokenness and apology undid me from the git go. Yay, Daddy.

But, the icing on the cake, came a few hours later, when bits and pieces of this conversation and a few others started to paint a new picture. Not only did the enemy not succeed in causing an irreparable breach, but God may very well have released new strategies in accomplishing upcoming goals. WE WIN. All the way around. Yep.

So, to close this one out, if something happens, deal with it, quickly if possible. Don’t let the voices of condemnation or failure tell you who you are not. Don’t let the voices of rejection, judgement, fear or confusion stop you from reaching out. Most of all… GO TO THE PERSON OR PERSONS DIRECTLY. Do not gossip or malign, complain or murmur about the person who hurt you or the situation. (Good counsel from a trusted source for really tough ones for wisdom is the exception!) Even if what happens is through hearsay or malicious gossip, put it on hold, make no judgement or form and opinion; go to the source!!

You may just find, that not only will you be better off on your end, but the other may be in a place of not only needing forgiveness, but restoration. That is a beautifully humbling honor, to be able to be used by God to help restore one’s dignity, honor and confidence, etc. And by the way, this ISN’T just a God thing. It’s just plain the right thing, even if it is God’s way.  🙂  Let us walk in Love towards one another, and ourselves and put satan under our feet in the process. 

Today was a good day. A friendship repaired and I think made even stronger. Revelations and lessons learned and a few more tools for the arsenal. And maybe our Shield of Faith made a bit stronger, thicker and larger.  

How are about you? Are there any breaches in your realm that need some restoring? I know I still have a few. They do not get any easier by putting them off. I’m glad I didn’t wait. Blessings to you as you rebuild the walls!

United, building bridges, together


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