Live a Life that Matters

It was an interesting morning at church today. We’ve been in the process of finding a new church home since last September. We’ve also been visiting one more than others. While at this particular church this morning, I heard “Just let me love on you”. I thought, well, this could be interesting. 

Actually, it had already started before the service even started, when  a sweet lady I’ve been getting to know a bit hugged me and just kept saying you are so special, you’re so special. (Maybe the word was precious…) Doesn’t matter so much. What I remember is this beautiful smile and a brightness in her eyes.

Later, the pastor who was to be preaching called up people who needed prayer for healing… yeah, I was there. Sweet moments. 

Before I could leave the altar area, a gentleman approached me. He wanted to thank me for being obedient to the Lord a couple of months ago. There was a something I felt the Lord wanted to do during an evening service, and with the pastor’s permission, I released it. But no one responded. It could have been fodder for second guessing, but I was really sure that it was right on. I ended up praying for this gentleman later. It was this last action that left an impression. 

It was pretty neat, because he started to tell me about an encounter he’d recently had, what God was calling him to do. That then spurred on my showing him a passage I was led to look up during my quiet this time first thing this morning. Little did I know then that I’d be using it before the morning was out. This passage not only coincided with what he was being called to do, but it touched him deeply, even before we could land on the actual verse. I LOVE being in the right place at the right time, and having just the right piece to add to the picture.

Just as I was about leave the room, my attention caught hold of this young lady who it became apparent was making a swift beeline in my direction with this big beautiful smile on her face. I was in awe, because I’ve never seen this young lady in this church before, though I’ve heard she’d been attending the youth group. Oh my heart swelled to see her and her beaming face. You see she’d been part of the youth group at our former church, she was “one of MY kids”. 

This just touched my heart so to see her there, and that she was glad to see me. The other leader and myself were not in place for long, but we were making strides in the couple handfuls of young people we had. At least half of them weren’t even part of the church. Most, due to life circumstances, just really needed to be loved on. We were pouring into them time and energy attempting to build their self-asteem, self worth and their God given identities. 

It reminded me of two other young ladies I’d seen earlier in the year from this same youth group who were now attending here. They were very glad to see me and had missed myself and the other leader.

Acquire The Fire 2011 @Baltimore

 I left the church today almost overwhelmed by God’s goodness. I guess I needed the affirmations that I’ve done things that matter in the lives of others. It made me aware, that this is exactly where my deepest heart’s desires lay. I want to make a difference. I want to contribute in ways that matter. Whether it’s a hug, or a word of encouragement, a prophetic word, a prayer – public or private  –  an action etc etc etc, I want it to matter. I can’t help but believe, isn’t this really a basic belief for most humans? That “search for significance”?  Not saying that we’re to be looking for kudos or accolades or even acknowledgments; our greatest affirmations come from the Father Himself, in His way and in His time. Just that we feel the need to  have purpose, to make a difference in this world, no matter how large or small. When we walk in the destinies God purposed us from the beginning of time, we find the fulfillment He intended us to experience. (Yes, our ultimate fulfillment comes through intimate relationship with Him through the saving Grace of Jesus – through which we come to know our purpose and our destiny)

I pray that today you know you live a life that matters! 



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