‘People Get Ready…’

I hear in my spirit the line from a song… ‘People get ready, Jesus is coming…. ‘

Mario Murillo Ministries

What I am about to tell you about last night will not make sense unless you first understand revival.   A good meeting is not revival in the same way that a bathtub full of salt water is not the Pacific Ocean.

Revival, by its very nature, is otherworldly.  It is from outside of our natural frame of reference.  It is like God comes down and just starts haunting a place.

You can cooperate with revival, but you cannot control it or direct it for private purposes.  In revival, God does not make deals for the greater good.  He has plans of His own.  He has priorities that are utterly nonnegotiable.

Finally, revival alters the nature of a culture.  Let me give you an example from scripture.  Elijah was fed by ravens.  Catch this: Ravens by nature have no instinct to even feed their young!  God altered their nature…

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