A Time of Re-Ordering

Here it is again it seems…

Every so often, it seems we need a time of re-ordering in our lives. A time of looking at life and taking stock of what’s important and releasing what’s not.

Recently it was a closet clean-out. Not like anything that left was all that nice and oh most definitely not new. And in the next couple of weeks it’ll be yard sale time, so even more will go. (A fundraising opportunity for the Nica trip!)

But this week, the re-ordering is more internal, resulting in external decisions. Deleted today several accounts and unsubscribed from a couple of email lists that filled the box daily. 

Sometimes we need to “weed out’ and even let go of things that are good. Letting go of what is good is rarely easy, equal to our attachments to it, whether it be time consumers, people, memories, stuff, opinions, beliefs etc. Sometimes, it’s only letting go for a season and it (or they) are return to us. But always, it is making room for the more and the better. 

an unexpected find

God’s intentions for us is always His best. As our mindsets change, our perspectives change and our need to be right or entitled also softens. We loosen our grasp on what temporarily seems to be a necessity. Most of the time, once we’ve let go, we find we really didn’t need it anyhow. And oddly enough, the letting go gets easier. 

The internal rearranging, whether it be emotional, mental or spiritual, is not always so easy, yet ultimately worthwhile and rewarding. So once again, we submit to the process, releasing in order to receive and/or to FIND the best, even within us.                                    


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