Who Cares About a Tree?

Who cares about a silly pine tree?

Me, evidently. A little over 11 years ago, when we first drove down to see the property our new house was going to be built on, I fell “in love” with the 4 pine trees here. There was a ‘bush’ about which I said, “well the bush can go”; thankfully someone was knowledgeable enough to leave it alone, since it was a beautiful flowering tree that just had no shape at the time. 

But I was thrilled to have the pines. One has since been removed, because it did turn into nothing but an overgrown bush. The two largest pines eventually had the their lower limbs removed, mostly for ease of mowing, and the for the neighbors play set that sat nearly beneath the back tree. The last pine sits near my bedroom window. It’s grown into a beautifully shaped, full pine, which make a great privacy screen. 🙂

But late last week, I was looking out the window and saw something I really hoped I’d never see. The pods of the dreaded bag worms. UGH!! I went out to take a look. Oh my heart sank. We’d already lost our nicest arborvitae, and have one on the way out, due to this destructive pest. I looked up at this pine and saw them on the ends of  at least 2/3 of the branches. Not only that, but they’re scattered throughout the 2 junipers bushes on that end of the house, and a few on bushes out front. 

This morning as I was sitting on the end of my bed looking out the window and attempting to wake up, the tree once again caught my attention. I saw all these cocoons and just wanted to cry. It seems almost silly to cry over a tree, but it’s a beautiful tree, and the nicest one on the property. I asked the “rhetorical question” of God, “don’t you care about a tree?”  I know He cares for all His creation. I wondered how many birds made their nests in this full tree, or if the bunnies used this for their home. Then I asked the next question, again in tears. “God, do you have a miracle for this tree?”

Of course, God is God, and He can do anything! 

A few minutes later, I’m watching a couple of birds, and sort of just ‘space out’, no longer paying attention, when I heard the chirping. This fairly small brownish bird was moving his way near the end of a branch, and then hopping around a few others, followed by a mate. But most often he just chirped, as if trying to get someone’s attention. I ‘fantasized’ that he was calling in the reserves to help. This happened several times in about 5 mins.

I walked away for awhile, went outside with my coffee, a guitar and communion. When I brought back the guitar to my room to put it back in the case, my attention was again brought to the window. I was absolutely astounded by what I was seeing. A second pair of birds, chickadees this time, had shown up. Both of them kept moving to the very ends of the smallest branches literally picking at the cocoons. It turns my stomach to think of it, but it occurred to me that many birds eat worms. Here they were going to several branches and going after these ‘bags’. I know that there’s been activity in some, and so guess the birds could feel the vibrations and so be led to the worms. 

But silly as it seemed at first, I believed I was watching God’s answer. My little miracle birds. Daddy does care about the things His daughter cares about, and every little creature that He cares for. And check this out. It seems that even God Himself, cares about a tree.  

Maybe, just maybe, this one won’t be coming down after all.  🙂

The beauty of a Pine


One thought on “Who Cares About a Tree?

  1. One of my earliest experiences with death was from the same kind of infestation getting our young pines out front.
    What a lovely story. I hope things work out for your trees.
    I know some other ladies as well as myself who have stories of God’s care in the little things. One collects blue butterfly decorated things to remind her. I collect cherries. Maybe you’ll be collecting pine tree adornments soon!
    God really does care, even when He lets the worst things come. 2 Co 4:17

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