Interrupted by a Hummingbird (or, The Mind Really is a Battlefield!)

Do you ever just have ‘one of those days’? You know, those “Murphy’s Law” kind of days? I know you have, you know, where it really is almost a “whatever could go wrong, does” kind of days?

Yep. It’s been threatening to be like that all morning. Actually started last evening. And oh, it’s been a battle not to declare the day a wash from the very beginning. And there are mornings, like this one where I could just hang it all up and go back to bed. (Maybe that’s what I should have done about 5:45 am!) 

NOT to complain, mind you, just painting the picture to let you in on my little world today. Wrestled all night with an unpleasant encounter last evening, that despite my efforts, unsettled me for the night and pretty much set me up for the morning. (But His mercies are new EVERY morning – so must mine be! – still working on it!) So up I get, start the coffee and am greeted by a barrage of ants.. again. ugh. Just about the time I’m done loading the dishwasher – which most certainly should have been done last evening, I take a sip of my first cup of coffee to find out it’s quite cold and I see that I neglected to turn on the burner. Just in time even to hear hubby up and soon on his way for his cup of cold coffee. 

Settled down comfy on my bed to have some one on one time in the Word, prayer.. and who knows.. maybe a short snooze. Just in time for a little person to hop up on my bed cause her mommy’s not awake yet. etc. etc.

Then comes the coup de gras! I decide at about 8:30, that I’m going to get some breakfast, and even a cooked one. I poured my nice hot cream of wheat in an oversized soup mug. yum… I grab the sealed sugar container and sprinkle the little bit that’s left all over the hot cereal. The whole time, I was actually meditating on who we really were created to be and to walk in. I think my mouth hit the floor when just about the time I’m ready to set the container aside to be washed… I see an ant crawling on my nice hot breakfast! SERIOUSLY?

 Determined to save it (breakfast I mean), I grab a spoon to remove the ant, forgetting about the cereal with the thought of oh no, please tell me they did NOT make into the cupboard now. “You’ve got to be kidding me”, I thought when I see a single ant crawling across the lower shelf. So looking to grab anything that would be an open food source first (only the bag of sugar.. haha), I move tea bags and coffee and the like, throw one of the ant traps on the shelf which the ant of course runs away from, and grab the the Hot Shot. I, yes, hesitated to spray first. I was still nauseaus from what I’d sprayed a couple of hours earlier around the sink. THEN, I tried to close the cupboard only to find it won’t, and as soon as I opened it, the offending item tumbled out of the place I move it to and suddenly, I have a quarter of a container of oatmeal on the counter to clean up. I, in the moment thought, really? Don’t you think you’ve overplayed your hand a bit already? (to the enemy of course!)

Ok… so now that with the pest put in it’s proper place, and the oatmeal dealt with, I grab a big spoon to rescue breakfast. Picking up the bowl, I find that the sugar has not only melted on top, but now has made its way ‘around’ the cereal, and realize, there’s no hope for this bowl. Soooo, I ponder as I pour it into the trash can and say, bye bye breakfast. “Should I fast this morning and say haha to the devil, you lose?” I thought. Or, say, “nope you just don’t get to lay claim to this day. I’m cleaning out my bowl, my spoons, my pot, and I’m making my self new batch.” Yep, I went with the latter. JUST to prove a point.

I spent this time with a bit of self talk. “I can’t let this quickly mounting pile of doo doo blow my entire day.” The temptation to make the declaration “this is going to be a bad day” was nearly overwhelming. But I resisted!! I thought, isn’t that just what you want me to do. Declare a thing so it can manifest and prove me right. Ha! I don’t think so!! I do not have to come into agreement with such muck!” “I think I’ve learned a new lesson in the power we have to walk in!” Etc. Etc. I thought, ‘devil, you don’t have right’ and ‘you’ve exposed yourself again you ground crawling creature who’s to be under my feet.” Suddenly, I felt a whole lot more positive about my day. It was time to shift the atmosphere and start thanking and praising God. 

I was doing pretty good till I sat down at the computer to blog about this. Especially a reminder I had from a minister who had us women stand up and declare – “I Am… a Nightmare… to the Enemy!!”  Yeppers, I was going to get on here and share all this and encourage and empower someone to stand up and fight for their right to a beautiful day! 

Then I got distracted by a phone call I’ve been avoiding (Oh, I forgot how lovely caller id could be), which was someone looking for my son, who’s not lived here for almost 2 mths now. Now I needed to email him to call me, hoping he might actually get it. And of course, I had to open up the email server to do so, and what surely grabs my attention? About half a dozen news reports that just threw a wet blanket over my new found resolve. 

But determined to overcome yet again, I focus on the worship end of things, and even read something in regards to worship that opened up a train of thoughts that I think revealed a new revelation on worship and a particular verse I’ve been ‘wrestling’ with for years. Cool! I don’t really remember what happened next. But I know I still was in a bit of a funk… OH, I remember. Went back out to the kitchen to find the ants that totally ignored the spray zone. Nits! Just nuts!

Suddenly my attention is drawn out the window. I don’t remember if it was the chirping, or movement that caught hold of me. But what I saw brought a smile. There in this tree that just looks like it really needs to be put out of it’s misery, were 2 sweet chickadees and what? Wait a minute! Is that a? No, it … but Yes it is! At least one little hummingbird was gracing my view and the trio in their dance were delighting my face.  : ) 

I had to move to the other window which was closer. I’ve never had the opportunity to observe a hummingbird up close for so long! Not only as it hovered at the flowers but as it decided several times to take a rest in the tree. It actually sat in a near branch for several minutes! I wish I could have grabbed my camera, but it seems to have disappeared. (temporarily, I’m sure)

In any case, the day is looking brighter. Enjoying the little victories. And am going to back to the kitchen once more to re-engage in the battle of the ants. We are so going to win this yet!!  So, take heart, you CAN choose your perspective, even if it’s one situation at a time. You can even change your atmosphere! 

Have a great day!!


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