Surprised by a Smile

Dylon on Phil’s bike

This would be my 20yr old son, well, at the time he’d just turned 18. We were working on his senior pictures with the help of his cousin and his dad’s friend who loaned us the bike. I’m not sure Mr. Phil was helping much since he just seemed to egg this kid on… 

On the other hand, there are other days, like today, when we feel more like this…

A woman from Nicaragua. Picture by Bonnie Gill. Missionary to Nicaragua

I sat down here and pulled up the blog and realized I’ve not written for a while. In fact, nothing so far in August. It would appear that I’ve had nothing to say. Actually, the opposite has been true. I had a great revelation last weekend that I want to share, but I’ve just not been able to get it in words yet. Then about mid-week, I read a couple of blog posts that rocked me a bit. Again, they stirred something deep, but I need to find a way to condense. 

It’s occurred to me several times this week, that I don’t want to sit down and write just for the sake of writing. I want what I have to say to matter – at least most of the time. In the same breath, I don’t want to always toss out heavy stuff or we’ll all look like the woman in this picture! So, I sat down here and thought I should write something, but don’t really have anything to say at the moment worth the while, or least entertaining. I decided to look at some older Nicaragua pics, since my trip has been on the forefront of my mind in the last couple of days. I thought I’d even write about that. But on the way to a Nica pic, I was waylaid by a familiar smile.  🙂  I’ll get to him in a bit.

First, why I picked this woman’s picture to post. I love this picture. Bonnie captured so much in this shot. I thought is was good compositionally. I thought as well that it captured much of what we saw in Nicaragua. Such simplicity, much in part to do with not having much in the way of possessions. In all honesty, the structure, if this is a home, is very very nice compared to most of the ‘homes’ we encountered in the barrios. But there is something beautiful in this picture. I can’t even explain it. I just grabs my heart. 

Today, I can look at this picture, looking at this woman, and recognize the weariness and the seeming sadness.  I see the tole years of toil and effort that it’s taken just to ‘make it’. It’s hot, humid & often quite ‘buggy’ – between the skeeters and the fire ants. Most have very little by way of possessions and money. I remember walking in the streets in one of the small cities, and see most people walking with their heads bowed low, and their countenance just about as low. At least until I’d give a short “Hola” and a smile. Almost every last person smiled back, their face brightening as they did. Puts a smile on my face to think about it. 

I didn’t realize it, but I was feeling a lot like this picture today. Maybe because I’ve not been sleeping well, etc. Maybe because the sun’s been hiding all day. Maybe because we’ve just been surrounded by some heavy things to deal with for awhile. And then.  On the way to a Nica pic, I tripped over this…

Dylon’s strong man pose

Well, that stopped me for a bit and I had to take a detour into this photo album (God I love FaceBook!). OH MY! Hilarious! I’d forgotten how easy it used to be for Dylon to make me laugh. Especially when he was little. It didn’t seem to matter what was going on, he just had a way of picking everyone’s spirit’s up. (Except when there was a temper tantrum!) So, here I am, thinking I really don’t have anything to say, and I see this pic and a stirring begins. 

trying to be serious… sort of

I tried, really I tried, to go through this album, multiple times even, to find a contrasting picture.. you know, a ‘serious’ look to counter the playful one. OH, so NOT happening! The only ‘straight faced’ pictures still betrayed the smirkies he tried so hard to hold back. I think there’s only two in the whole bunch where he’s not trying to hold back a goofy face or laugh hysterically. And only then, I’m pretty sure was because he was getting tired, and had just ‘fallen’ after trying to play Tarzan under the bridge. 

On the way to ‘strong’

Going through this album just perked up my spirit. Smiling will do that! This kid is just a trip. So, in all my rambling, I’m really just sharing a moment in time. And a few pictures that I hope will brighten your day and put a smile on your face and in your heart. Be Blessed!

Smirky, Smirky!


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