Captured by a Beautiful Smile – or Two

It’s been a long few weeks. But when I least expect it, something catches my attention and keeps me moving forward. 

Today it was a bit hilarious. Here I was, walking out to the kitchen to turn off the tea kettle that was impatiently crying for my attention. I don’t even know why I turned, but when I did this is what I saw…

A Cabbage Patch smile

I most seriously cannot tell you why this struck me so funny. It wasn’t as if this doll hadn’t been in this chair all morning; of course, if it was I missed it. It was if she just suddenly showed up just a waving and smiling at me. I did the proverbial double-take and just started laughing. A picture just doesn’t capture the moment, this time. But I  remembered the scripture that I thought of as I was trying to take a decent picture. Truly, He really does use the ‘foolish things’ of this world to confound the wise… or just cheer them up!

 Now a bit later on in the day, I was checking a comment on my Missions blog and ran smack into another smile, actually a set of smiles that just captured my heart again. I really liked how this photo turned out last night while playing on PicMonkey, but I was so tired by the time I was finishing up the birthday post, that I really didn’t have the time or energy to give it much attention. But for the second time today, I was waylaid, this time by this bright smile, one that’s captured my heart and attention so many times in her nearly 17 yrs.

My beautiful youngest being loved on by Sammy, a youngster at the children’s home in Nicaragua where I’ll be heading in a handful of months.

What a pair! It was the second trip down for her and I (with a team) and most of the youth remembered Amanda. And Samuel, aka Sammy, is just such a lovey dovey. He might be small, but the kiddo could strangle ya with a hug. It’s been almost 2 years since I saw that smile in person, and I do look forward to seeing him, the older now young adults and the new batch of younger kids I hear call La Quinta Esperanza home.  

Smile!  🙂


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