Stats, Maps and Influence

Wow, crazy, just crazy. 

In no way, when I hopped into this world of blogging back in late May, was I concerned about stats. I only ‘joined’ so that I could comment and like another blog that I was following by email, and then thought that, ‘ok, maybe this might be a nice forum to “publish” ideas and revelations I’ve been getting’. Well, this blog has been morphing ever since.

Just before joining this blog, a minister I know, prophesied to me that God was giving me a “microphone” and a platform to write – to get out there the things I’ve needed to get out. So.. here I am. And this has actually been a blast. I didn’t realize that writing could even get addicting.  🙂

I discovered the stats, and while it’s heady stuff to see days where you get a decent amount of traffic (hey, 10 in a day to me is pretty cool!), I don’t want to write just for attention to get attention. But recognizing that this could be a perk, I started a sister blog with that more in mind. I want to write about my Nicaragua trip and what’s happening with the ministry there that I’ve been part of now, and decided it needed it’s own expandable platform. This blog I do concern myself with a bit more to ‘get the word out’ because missionaries need support – financial, encouragement and prayer support. They will not get it if no one knows they need it. With that in mind, I also post about other missions as well. These are actually one’s I’d love to go be a part of some day too! But right now, the thrust is Nica!

Stats are an interesting phenomenon. They can drive, or steer you. This blog, while in some sense is an ‘every day life’ blog, it’s also to be informational and hopefully encouraging. The latter is where the ‘steering’ concept came in. I decided to explore the stats one evening, shortly after posting my first ‘life lessons’ post, with the realization, that in everyday life, there are days that just aren’t as rosy as others, and they need to be shared too. I was surprised by the ‘attention’ that this post received. Of all the tags and categories I’d written about at that point, ‘encouragement’, “life lessons”, ”endurance & perseverance” were at the top of the list by a landslide. This realization kicked in the ministerial portion of me. I understood that many need hope, and that they need to know they can find it in everyday life.  🙂 That is after all, if you look at the title of my blog, that is the whole point … a life lived in the hands of God. 

Several times since I’ve been astounded by where this blog has been read. Without my even trying, other than using the social sites I was already part of, people are finding these posts… all over the world. I don’t know about anyone else on here, but I’m shocked and amazed. The other night, late at night, within minutes of my posting and before I could finish editing my faux pas, I had two readers from Jamaica! I don’t even know how people see these posts, let alone within seconds or minutes. But this is fun!!  

As of this morning, I’ve now had readers from seventeen countries OUTSIDE of the U.S. I saw Japan this morning, Germany and I think Poland last night. It’s heartening to see the map filling up with color, and it looks like the U.N. or something with all the flags of nations flying. I sometimes feel even the delight of a little child. And while I am still not writing here to get ‘international attention’ or fame, I came to another inspiring and yet sobering and humbling realization. We have the capacity to influence, many. To be a voice to nations, whether we intend to be or not, whether for good or for ill. It is a bit sad that I get more comments in the spam box than real ones, oh well, so be it. It’s still not for pleasing others. 

I’m just recognizing that we have opportunities to be light in a dark world, where there is despair and yet incredible beauty, as seen in breath taking photos that are being posted from all over the world. This is a wild time we live in, connected by information technology. I hope we will use it wisely.

I hope I will remember to use it wisely, with Grace. 


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