“Rare Footage” – Rarer still, it’s Contents

I just finished watching a video that a friend posted on Facebook.

The title summarizes it’s contents well. But, I still was not prepared for how it would affect me. I’m just old enough to remember back to when Lyndon Johnson was president and have an embedded memory of the funeral procession of JFK with the shots of Jr being held by hand. I’m told that remembering that is not possible, and yet the tv screen was the fairly round type in black and white. I remember the look on dad’s face and the atmosphere of the day. While I may not have understood, I knew this had affected my dad in a very very profound way. 

I remember Ronald Reagan being president as well. But honestly, I can’t tell ya much about anything that went on, beyond the complaints we’ve heard for years. It wasn’t until several years ago that I really began to hear people talk positive about him. It’s as if respect for a president doesn’t come until long after they are gone from office. 

But for those of us who’ve been gravely concerned about the conditions of our nation and ‘alarmed’ at the swift decline in morality, security, peace and general goodwill, this video paints a picture of the man of God President Reagan truly was. I was just listening to a teaching earlier about gatekeepers and their importance, and how someone, such as a President, would be in the spiritual realm and the natural a gatekeeper of immense authority. 

Hearing the words spoken by Mr. Reagan sparks hope again. It also reinforces the need for a nation to prayer in earnest for it’s leaders. Well, enough from me. Check out the video….



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