Just a little update….

I’ve been sitting here much of today going through this blog and revamping it a bit. Funny, one little change on your ‘appearance’ and suddenly a whole lot of the posts need help! In the process of cleaning things up, I came across the post about my mum, and thought I should give a quick update.

Actually, as of a few weeks ago, her situation went from a fright to a delight.  : )   It took some time, and God Bless a couple of my brothers, a couple of pastors and most of all a loving Daddy God who watches over all things for his kids, what seemed to be impossible became quite possible. Mom now is in her own ‘apartment’ in a Senior Living complex aka a retirement home. And despite the limited income, partly due to having to retire early for health reasons, they found a place that’s awesome. 

I walked in the doors a couple of weeks ago and nearly had to pick my mouth up off of the floor. It looked more like a fancy hotel than a retirement home. Huge paintings and pictures hung EVERY where, a beautiful baby grand just opposite the front entrance, a movie appearing type staircase, chandeliers all over the dining room and even an upper balcony eating area. She has the room to decorate her living area to suit herself, and even has a small balcony where her long wind chimes can sing their resonate songs, etc. There’s much to do, with the chapel a few steps down from her hall one way and the hair salon the other. She’d already made a few friends who’d taken her in already. 

There was a lot she lost with the last stroke, and she had been so very down and was sinking fast. But this place is full of light and hope. It was good to see and hear her hopeful again. She’s got some things to get used to, but with others around to interact with and activities to get involved with, I believe she’s got a fighting chance. They were even starting up a choir the Monday after she moved in! That is soo right up her alley. She’d led choirs for decades in her lifetime. So to even get the chance to try to sing in one again, I think that pretty neat, and probably God. 

Mom never wanted to ‘end up in an old folks home’. And yet, it may be her very saving grace. 


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