Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban – Patriotic flavor

I posted urban Nicaragua pictures yesterday. I intended to get more local today considering we were headed to an arts festival today. Unbelievably, I left my camera in the car. But on the way out of town, while stuck in traffic, my attention was caught by a couple of murals.

For some years now, there have been murals being painted on the sides of many of the older buildings in York, Pa. And they all tell a historic story. These today we found are on the YMCA building. I’d never seen them before. My daughter got these for me since they were on her side of the car, but I got to play with them. And I learned something today, everyday normal places and things look totally different when you see them through the perspective of a lens. Suddenly, the ordinary looks like an awesome shot. Even when you are not even holding the camera. I can see I’m going to have to go back downtown, especially the historic district, and have some fun. Thanks for the challenge!!

YMCA building with one of the paintings

Gen. Jake Devers

The caption on the previous painting.

Quote by General Devers

And the painting the quote is found on.


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