What does it mean to get a word from God, a very personal, hand delivered word, even given publicly where others can testify to it’s truth or remind you of it when you need it most – as Holy Spirit is so faithful to do…

When I feel lost and unseen, He says ‘I’ve set you on my shoulder’
When I feel scared, He says ‘ You scare the enemy’
When I feel a failure, He says ‘You are a beyond a _______’

When I can see no way out, He says ‘I’ve prepared _________ for you, and it’s going to take off’ 
When I’m worried about my children, He says ‘I will teach your children; Trust Me; I will contend with that which contends with you, and I will save your children.’

etc etc etc 🙂 (yes… I could go on and on!)

His promises are Yes, and Amen. He is a covenantal God who takes a covenant quite seriously, and will NOT break covenant. What He promises, He will do. 

His words are not fluff nor flattery. But they are tangible, concrete and will never fail. HE said ‘My words are spirit, and the Spirit is Life. 

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God. 

He is the Life Giver and Life Sustainer.

My God. 

One more day to stand on the promises, and His truth vs what appears to be true.


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