Every Day Life – Weekly Photo Challenge

yeppers, those are socks on his ears!!!

Well, I just couldn’t resist. I was looking for a picture of his sister for another post I’m going to write. Boy, oh my, when I stumbled upon this, as bad a quality a picture as this is, it’s perfect. Yep, this would an everyday life pic for us. I was trying to be sneaky cause I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing! ย Here they were new headphones and they hurt his ears.. but socks! oh my!

And the one who did this:

Just monkey business

a little monkey business!

would be this character – who thankfully no longer has bleached out hair!

Panda Head

Our house character!

My mother in law, as she sneak peeked at the card her step-daughter made for her. It was her 80th birthday, and Bev had pasted Marie’s face on all kinds of outdoors sports pictures.. it was hilarious… so was the look on Marie’s face!

part of what she saw…

Marie’s sneak peek!

Yes, these crazy antics really are everyday life for this family!


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