“Unto the Least of These” and One Proud Momma

I saw something yesterday, that just had me undone for awhile.

I had just dropped my youngest daughter off at her work then drove to the shopping center across the road. Just as I’m nearing my destination, out of the corner of my eye I see what looks like my oldest daughter’s car, and almost immediately I see this arm just waving like mad trying to get my attention. Yes, it would be safe to assume that this was my daughter, who then follows me and then proceeds to park two spaces down from me.


This is my daughter Britt.

She and I have had our moments.. lots of them, both good and not so good.  I don’t think anything or anyone could have prepared me for the perspective of her I found yesterday.  What I saw just brought me to tears, I was undone, again.  🙂

She has many giftings and has had to work very hard to get where she’s gotten so far. Nothing has come her way easily, even life’s lessons. She’s schooling in accounting, at which she is quite good! She loves music, writes well, and has some artistic inclinations as well. 

But she has an internal gifting that far supersedes any intelligent or creative abilities she’s been born with. It’s her gift of sight. To see the unseen, mostly in the realm of people. The people most don’t see, or don’t want to see. She inately knows how to love the ‘unlovable’, the untouchables. What some would consider ‘throwaways’. Not that any are any of the above; not in the Father’s eyes, and certainly not Britt’s. She’s always had a way of communicating with them, regardless of the handicap. When I prayed for God to send her a good friend, that could be a friend for life – he sent her a beautiful young lady who due to having a deformity in her feet never had walked well, and had faced a life of rejection and ridicule because of it. They, a decade plus later, are still best friends! These wall for Britt have just never existed. Maybe, I don’t know, it was because she was never one who fit in anyone’s mold, so she could easily identified. But I think, really, it’s just Jesus in her.

I remember a friend she had for awhile. This friend had a child who literally was deaf, blind, and mute. Notice that I did not say dumb! 🙂  Oh Britt had a way with this boy like no other. She believed in him, she loved on him, and he received that love from her when he wouldn’t from others. He trusted her. 

She’s had a friend, who sometimes can’t stand her, and sometimes it’s been a bit mutual. They’ve had their partings at times. But this is no ordinary young lady. She’s dealt with multiple serious mental and emotional health issues for a very long time. But Britt can always cut through the muck and sometimes the games and manipulations. To an outsider, you’d think it harsh and borderline abusive. But in actuality, she was often the only one who could speak the truth in a manner that this young lady would hear. 

Absolute Sweetness in Nica

And there are those who are like this beautiful young lady pictured above. This was taken in 2010 on our last trip to Nicaragua. Or like this young man below who was our greeter and buddy when we visited his school… for the handicapped in Nica. 

Today, Britt works for a non-profit organization working with those who need a hand in this world due to their handicaps. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of her at work. So I just pulled a few pictures from our last trip to Nicaragua. We ministered at two centers there, one for handicapped children and a senior center, that honestly seemed more like the children’s center. I was really messed up from that visit. That leads me back to where I started with this post about Britt.

I’ve been sick for the last few days, and so just didn’t rush out of my car right away. As I was turning and opening my door, I caught a glimpse of what was happening two spots over. I watched as my daughter picked up something, a napkin or wipe or something like that, leaned over and started to wipe her this young lady’s face. Oh the look on her face. You’d have thought this was her daughter sitting there getting her face washed after having eaten a really good and messy ice cream cone. She just smiled at her client and with all gentleness and genuineness as she washed her face. You just knew she cared about this young lady. I was just so struck, and I knew without a doubt, that she was doing the job she was created to do. I just watched as she loved on her… without faking it.

And then I was crushed. I knew she was good at her job. She’s always had a way. I remember her in her junior and senior high years spending lots of time with the ladies across from the church who just loved her, and still do to this day. I just had never seen her like this. When ‘no one’ was watching. That’s when our actions really count the most anyhow. I was just so moved, and I was sooooo proud of her. But, I thought, Oh God, this is exactly how they should be loved and cared for. There are different levels of need, and probably the individuality of humanity is no where else more obvious than in working with the many clients that these organizations do. 

I realized just how important her job is, and how great her reward in heaven is going to be. Jesus sees, sees it all. And He’s the one who said, whatever you’ve done for the least of these, you’ve done unto me. I just cried thinking about this.

This encounter occurred within an hour or two of reading the big news of Romney’s definition of ‘middle class’. $200-$250,000 PER YEAR! Ok, so to some, that might not seem like an astronomical number. I’ll bet you, just about any non-profit service oriented organization would LOVE to see donations like that coming in!  And the ‘middle class’ see this amount every year? Yes, I think I just climbed up on a an unexpected soap box. I can’t honestly imagine making that kind of money every year. We haven’t even seen $50,000 yet. oh GRRR!  

But for now, I question, what about all those in the ‘lower class’ or those consider poverty stricken. No wonder we have people who are homeless, and hopeless, never mind all those who stricken by diseased, crippled, injured, born with birth defects etc etc etc. When, oh when did we in America move into a caste.. oh I mean class system anyways. The system is broke. And it’s not all about government. It’s about the hearts of men. It’s about greed and selfishness. I didn’t understand, and probably neither did most of us teens back then in the 70’s, just what we were singing about when we started liking the songs and mantra’s about looking out for #1.  Problem is, most of us, on a whole, including the church, forgot who #1 is.

God said, the only religion he accepts, is taking care of orphans and widows. Jesus said, the poor you will always have with you. The least of these; I think truly, that when we get to heaven, we’re going to find those that man wanted to discard, abort, lock away, forget about and ignore, are going to be the brightest treasures in the Kingdom. Thank God for people like Britt, who can see them now. Why oh why, has it been made so hard for ministries and non-profits who actually want to care ‘for the least of these’ to operate!! When the budgets get cut, who are almost always the first to take another hit. This is not fair. Why must they be put in the position of having to beg for donations continuously. There is so much more that could be done if they just had the support they really need. 

I’ve now erased more than I’ve left included in this here post. Rant over.

In the meantime, God Bless those, like my Britt, who love ‘the least of these’ for oh how great is their reward in heaven. The best part is, people like Britt aren’t doing what they do for show or for recognition. They are just doing what comes naturally. And as for me and my Britt, I am just one proud momma, I really am. 


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