Testimonies of Praise

Since our church was closed, and a new one set in it’s place about a year ago, there’s one church we’ve spent time at more than any other. 

Recently, the senior pastor there, announced that the church had a web blog page for testimonies. He wanted any testimonies that people had in sharing the love of God with another. The pastor’s heart is to see 100 testimonies in a day, as people begin to walk out their Christianity in the fullness of their Kingdom Identity as sons and daughters of the Most High. 

As it turns out, the blog just happens to be on WordPress, so I became a ‘follower’. I had to laugh the other day, after a handful of days away, when I opened up the reader to do some catch-up reading, and found post after post after post from the blog. I thought, that 100/day goal wasn’t going to be afar off in the future. Today, I thought, I need to post a link so more could be encouraged by the testimonies of Praise and find a spark of hope that is desperately needed in these days. 

Here’s the link here, and I’m posting it as a permanent link in my favs as well. Enjoy! Be encouraged!! GOD LOVES YOU – more than you know!

Testimonies of Praise Community Church: http://wp.me/2gvmO


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