One of the testimonies post on the church I’ve been going to. ‘Identity’ has been one of major focuses of this churches teaching.. this post is just a big piece of that fruit!

The Testimonies of Praise Community Church

Just on Monday, the principal of our school told me of a student that was coming to my room “immediately”. I teach an emotional support classroom ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade. God has been doing some amazing things in my room for several years now where healing and restoration is the norm. Often we can overlook God’s power and take what He does for granted. I wanted to share this testimony as an encouragement to everyone to not underestimate what God can do through you right where you are.

This student was coming to my classroom immediately and urgently because he was getting violent and unreasonable for anyone to deal with. He was punching, kicking, and hitting other students at school, mouthing back, rebelling against any direction or guidance from teachers and administrators, and even was acting in the same manner at home and on the baseball field. This…

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