From A Voice I Cherish

I’m still here. Have much I need to get accomplished including finishing the foundational pages of my Nica blog. Wow, I found out that blogging, whether by photo or by writing, can become nearly obsessive! Hahaha. I also found that it can change the lens through which we see the world around us. That’s pretty cool. I’d notice several years ago, that what we believe and what we ‘do’ also filter the way we look at people and situations. These perspectives can easily narrow our perceptions. But I sometimes see myself looking at things differently now.

When I first started the blog, I was constantly finding things to write about and couldn’t wait to do so. Then I found the photo challenge. I took my camera to an arts festival in the city and unbelievably left it back in the car in the garage. But on the way out of the city, I remember looking at this window on an older house and thought, wow that would make a really cool picture, and thought of the movie scenes where the director would frame a shot with his hands, and realized I was doing the same thing in my mind. Kind of fun to have a new view. Not much of this has anything to do with the point of this post though, other than, I’ve not been posting as much since I have a lot to put in order before I take off for Nicaragua for the better part of a month. 

I am one who loves to share good finds, like songs, videos, books and articles. The “reblog” today is an article written by a voice I cherish. I met James Goll in Harrisburg, Pa, the day after my birthday in early 2004. It was a significant encounter in my life; actually, the first of several with him. Since that time, I’ve seen much of the price this man of God has paid to be a leading teacher and prophetic voice in the Body of Christ. Even when I hear his voice, something in my heart adjusts, tuning in to this voice it trusts, like a child to a parent. 

So, here’s a link to his blog and his latest post. Here is a teacher who has a wealth of knowledge of church history and biblical foundations, and great understanding of the things of the Spirit and the God who is forever ‘making all things new’.


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