BizzyBoo – Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG

The challenge this week is our interpretation of Big. What is big to us. As I often do, I tripped over this concept of ‘big’ on my way to another photo (which I’m looking for, for the Nica blog). 

So this is a photo of one who was larger than life in this family. He wasn’t the first, but sadly he was the last. He was my daughter’s for about 8 yrs, the fulfillment of a Christmas promise. My daughter was only about 4 when we had to find a new home, rather abruptly, for our Ginny, and she just really didn’t get over loss. We found Bizmark (named by the shelter worker who happened to be a history teacher who was teaching about the warship Bismark when this handsome youngster showed up) after hours of searching, and taking a long drive to hopefully pick up a smaller dude, who was already spoken for before we arrived.

We’d nearly given up looking for awhile. My daughter had. She’d found the cat house and sat in a rocking chair with one of the volunteers chatting. The rest of us had seen Bizmark – who had MANY similarities to his predecessor – sleeping on a cot in the corner, but he wasn’t rousing for anyone, and was completely ignoring the chaos around him.  Oddly enough, when I found Amanda in the cat house, completely bummed out, the volunteer just happened to say “have you looked at Bizmark yet?”  haha. He’d been there for 6 wks, was a very lovable dog, yet no one seemed to want him.

Biz with Amanda in ’07

I took Amanda down to see him, just in time for him to sit up and stretch; still ignoring everyone. That is, until Amanda called his name. It was as if he’d been sitting there for weeks, just waiting there for her. As soon as he heard his name, he looked at her and cocked his head, and that was that. He was a real sweet heart, who made a BIG impact on the whole family, especially Amanda’s niece, but most of all on Amanda, his snuggle buddy. He is missed – terribly.

It’s been a quiet 8 months without his presence…  

Amanda’s “BizzyBoo”


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