Foreign: Weekly Photo Challenge fun

Oh I laughed when I saw the title of this challenge!!!  haha

I thought wow. This is an easy one and now I have a ‘good’ excuse to post Nica pics. And with a team just returning from a mission’s trip in Nicaragua, myself getting ready to return in a few months and the missionaries I’m connected to being in the states (who I should be seeing in just a couple of days), I definitely have Nica on the brain. So as soon as I saw the word ‘foreign’ I thought Nica.

So here’s a pic from my last trip. This was my first adventure personally using a translator – which at first was quite foreign to me. He was awesome though, I learned a lot of the dos and don’t in talking to people through a translator and some of the local customs. Funny though, by the time we visited with this lady, who we were asked to pray for because she was very sick – possibly with Dengue Fever – he was genuinely praying as much or more than translating. It was powerful and a blast!

One of the ladies in the barrio receiving prayer with and through a translator. In Nicaragua


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