Just A Thought…

Hello again, it’s been awhile…   🙂

As I was driving into the city I was listening to one of my Julie Meyer cds; “God is Alive”. I had a thought that just so caught my full attention, that I turned it off. And I do mean it had my FULL attention, body, soul, and spirit. Funny part about it, it was the most simplest of thoughts, I was like “duh!”.

I don’t even remember exactly what song was playing at the time, or what the catalyst for the thought was. But I think something I read was stuck in the back of my mind, a phrase actually, from one of the psalms. The psalmist said something like “I’ll lift up the cup of salvation”. I need to look that up. I know I’ve heard the reference explained, but I just don’t recall in detail. But I’m pretty sure it’s related to the Passover Meal. 

Anyhow, somehow I got on a thought about communion, and how Jesus told them, ‘as often as you do this…’. We often use that as a good excuse to participate in communion often. {And I so do not have a problem with having communion often!!!} And again, I don’t remember the trail of thoughts, but suddenly I was in this ‘zone’.

The cup of salvation – as often as you do this, do it in remembrance of Me. 

Wow. The Israelites were commanded to observe the Feast of Passover yearly, in remembrance of how the spirit of death passed them over because of the blood of the lamb (or goat) that was applied. Practicing Jews still observe. Many Christians also have begun to take part in the Seder meal. Jesus and His disciples also took part in the Passover meal. 

And he took the bread (which I recently was told was the ‘hidden manna’ portion of the Seder), blessed it, and broke it and said this is my body, broken for you – take and eat. And He took the cup (the cup of salvation – if I’ve got it correct! – I’m sure my messianic spiritual pop will certainly set me straight.. ) and said this is my blood, the cup of the new covenant; take and drink. As often as you do this, do it in remembrance of ME.  


Every year, when they sat together celebrating the Passover, they (we) were to remember Him; the Lamb that was slain so that Death would pass over – for eternity. Not some other god. Not just some religious exercise nor mandate. Remember the ONE who laid down His life, who’s body was broken and slain; whose blood was poured out – willingly: a sacrifice of Love. No greater Love. 

God is a God remembrance. He is a God of covenants – takes them quite seriously, you know, and He will not break covenant! That’s why I like when He makes a promise, because I KNOW He will see it through. He remembers anniversaries – maybe that’s why He called for the feasts!!  He gives good gifts for birthdays too.. sometimes for days! Some events are just worth remembering and celebrating. These are our milestones of history with Him. And they are the bedrock of foundations of our faith and trust in Him. 

“As often as you do this…remember Me” oh what a simple thought. No complications, no doctrine, no theology necessary. So come to the table, the feast has been laid, and as often as you do, in remembrance celebrate the One who deserves all the honor and glory, and bless Him!

And yes.. I paraphrased, a lot. I’ve been sitting here way too long, and if you want the verses you can dig a little. 🙂


I’ll give:

Psalm 116

Exodus 12

Luke 22:19

1 Corinthians 11:24 &5



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