I See GREEN! – Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green, Green, Green… Everywhere I look today – I SEE GREEN!!!!  Hahaha!

This week’s photo challenge just has me seeing green. Even my font color looks green!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  It’s a good thing this week’s challenge was for a ‘gallery’ of green, cause I was going to grab some old spring photos from several months ago… but no! I was outside crushing cans, when all of a sudden I looked up! And there, lo and behold, was one of my favorite most exhilarating sights to see: a beautiful green pine against the backdrop of a clear brilliant blue sky. Of course! I thought, “There’s a shot for the photo challenge”, so I went in for my camera. But then I got lost in the green from there on out. EVERYWHERE I went, there was more green! So get ready, and hold on to your tummy.. wouldn’t want you going green from taking in so much green today!  hahaha!

Trying one of the new gallery settings. Click on a pic to pull up the slide show… More pics in it than posted in the body!


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