“When You Receive a Word from the Lord…”

“When you receive a Word from the Lord, that Word MUST be opposed.” – Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA”

– While speaking at a ‘Wisdom of the Fathers’ conference in TN.

Yep, satan doesn’t like it when the Father speaks Life into one’s future. Likes it even less when we grab hold of that Life giving word and dare to believe it. Therefore he goes out of his way to throw hurdles in our path; a few bombs going off here and there; anything from believing the Word couldn’t possibly be for us, we are completely in adequate or incapable – especially when exactly the opposite of the Word is all we experience. There’s the biggest lie, but when we recognize we really are on the right path and the Word is worth contending for and standing upon, especially when the opposite seems to be our reality. Opposite, opposing, opposition. Yep – must have been a real good Word. 🙂


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