Surprise! A White Christmas – Weekly Photo Challenge

I thought it was sort of funny when I was thinking about this challenge. First one I’ve really had the opportunity to do in several weeks time. And  I even got to take the pics for the post vs plugging in one already done. 

It’s been a tough month, and even more so this last week going into Christmas. I remember, I think on Sunday night or possibly Monday morning, as I heard the forecasts for Christmas change back and forth from snow, to no snow to then snow, but just everywhere but our neck of the woods, I think I whispered just a small, “gee, it really would be nice to have that come our way, it would be nice to have a White Christmas.” 

Well, we had decided to head into service, for the early one at 4:30. I was going, honestly, only because it was Christmas Eve. The preceding couple of hours just held nothing but grief and people mad at me for seemingly no reason. Not my idea of Christmas nor the spirit in which to participate in Christmas Eve services – which would normally be my favorite of the entire year. Crazily enough, on the way in, the snow, oh ever so softly and lightly began to fall. Turns out the forecast had changed from no snow to a dusting to up to 2 inches. It was a heavy snow, and we knew it wouldn’t last long, but my heart was warmed when about 5 am I looked out to see the Christmas lights lighting up the Christmas morning snow. Most of it was gone by day’s end, but it was a White Christmas never the less!! What a sweet surprise!!

Christmas Surprise 2012 Collage


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