“dangers of losing life in the hands of god”

Wow. Just Wow. I can honestly say I didn’t have anything to write about this morning. I only popped on to see the new photo challenge, realizing that today was only Friday when I for some silly reason I thought that yesterday was, and that I missed my opportunity to post for the last one. (Someone ‘borrowed’ the sd card from my camera… grrrr.)

I was not prepared for what I was going to find here, in my stats. I find it interesting to see who’s visiting and where from, what they’re looking at and what they’re looking for. I’ve been surprised a couple of times this past week by what the search engines have directed traffic to one of my posts. But nothing took my breath away like the one I see this morning. I could just cry. 

The search entered was “dangers of losing life in the hands of god”. I was a little stunned, then caught the ‘irony’ of the search – the tag line of my blog: One life lived in the hands of God. At first, one might think “what polar opposites”, but in all actuality, this is not the truth, and the truth is what moves my heart this morning. 

The truth of the matter, is that for millions or more followers of Christ, a life lived for Him equals a ‘life sentence’ of persecution and very likely death. Not that God is taking these lives, nor persecuting them. But Christ warned His Disciples that the world would hate them, for the world hated Him, and that trials and tribulations would come. That persecution would come. Were these warnings to turn them away from Him? No, but to prepare them, that they might stand steadfast and continue to carry His Love and His Light into the dark places of this world.

When I was young, I was very much aware, and even prepared for such to come. Willing to lay my life down, if that’s what it came to. Then I had kids, and I was more focused on them and their lives and futures – to make sure I was going to eternity with my entire family in tow. In recent years though, the reality of the persecution of Christians has been returning to the forefront. In all honesty, you don’t know what you are really willing give your life to, until you are prepared to die for it.

Factually, I know that there have been millions across the globe who exist the constant reality that at any moment, they could lose all – home, possessions, jobs, family, limbs and lives – all because they chose to love and follow Jesus. They choose Him KNOWING that choice may very well mean that tomorrow for them, will be to be with Jesus in Heaven; and they choose Him anyways. In the U.S. and I’m sure many other “developed” countries, this life of existence is hard to fathom and may seem surreal or far fetched.  

I saw a movie several years ago called the Finger of God. The first half of the movie involved many ministries and ministers who move in miracles, signs and wonders. Most of them, I’ve already sat in services with and knew many of their testimonies. I took a break mid-way through the movie and came back to it later. The second half was nothing like the first. 

The second half involved visits to underground churches. I was so shaken and undone by what I saw. Rooms packed with people.. and I mean like sardines – praising and worshiping God with everything they had. Hungry, thirsty believers – hungry and thirsty to know more of this Living God they’ve entrusted their very lives to – present and eternal. The couldn’t get enough. They spend hours, upon hours, upon hours in these small cramps spaces, but their passion for Christ burns hot and bright, a flame that refuses to be dampened or burn out. No words of mine can do justice to what I saw. But they all live knowing that to be found to be a believer can lead to certain death, or the persecutions or death of loved ones. But I can guarantee you this, they are living their lives in the Hands of a Loving God. And if their earthly tent is destroyed, their spirit is still found in the grasp of the Father. 

Regardless of how much biblical knowledge they possess, they KNOW their God. They trust and rely on Him, knowing every day on the earth may very well be their last. They choose Him, every day, so that another might also know Him and the joy of Loving Him and spending eternity with Him. And when one of these Lights are sown into the soil of this earth  even through the hands of man – a blessed harvest will come forth. 

I guess this morning, I just wanted to acknowledge these truly blessed believers, and pray. I am thankful for the life I’ve had. But to whomever went searching on this quest – I hope you found the hope that you need to carry on, even one more day. Your heavenly rewards are going to so outshine the troubles you faced on this earth. To those who face such serious persecution and tribulations – I honor and bless you. May the Lord Bless you, and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He turn His face towards you, and give you Peace. 


3 thoughts on ““dangers of losing life in the hands of god”

  1. I love that movie, and I also was familiar with most of the ministers in the first half. Our daughter attended BSSM and used to be in one of Randy Clark’s home churches prior to that (a home church loosely affiliated with Global that is, and a dear friend used to work with Heidi in Mozambique.

    But my eyes were also opened an the back half of the movie.

    Thanks much for this post. I am glad to remember.


    • Well aquainted with Global! Hence the familiarity with those in the movie! Love Bethel as well! Have been prayed for twice now by someone on visiting teams from BSSM. 🙂 (Love Heidi and Rolland too!) I don’t know… I may have included all of that in the post, but I’m too lazy to look! But now I wonder if ya’ll live over here in the East. 🙂

      Thanks for positive comment!

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