Love – Weekly Photo Challenge

Several years back I went to a women’s conference and during the weekend we were given a chance to pick out a prophetic gift. When I read the challenge, I thought about all the things I have in this gift now. It’s my treasure box, originally filled with Kisses, now with some of my most treasured possessions, all in some way sybolizing love.Β 

The photo includes some of those possesions and an art piece made just for me, a love gift representing the multi-faceted love of God.

Treasure Box of Love

Treasure Box of Love

This pile of treasures is made up of that art peice in the upper left hand corner; one of those photo booth strips from an outing with my youngest when we were really close; and my grandfather’s obituary. He and I were very, very close. He’s been gone more than 20 yrs, but sometimes I still miss him terribly.

My first watch

My first watch

This was my first watch, and one of my very first treasures. My grandpa in Colorado sent it to me. I loved that watch. Looking at it today, I can’t believe I could ever fit it on my wrist.

Lastly, the collection includes a smooth stone and our 2 sets of wedding rings. The smooth is actually a seashell from a marriage retreat not long after we celebrated our 11th anniversary. We renew our vows on the beach that weekend. The smooth shell was to represent where we’d be when the holes in the shell we were given – to represent the difficulties in our marraige were smoothed out. I found this one on the beach.

The rings, none of which are worn right now. My first ring became too small when I gain weight after 2 kids. His started to tear while he was a mechanic. The second set… both are a bit out of shape, his from working in construction, mine – I have no idea. But regardless here were are about to celebrate our 28th anniversary, in about 10 minutes when the clock strikes 12. So right now… love is in the air in more than a challenge or upcoming Valentines Day!

a smooth stone and our rings

a smooth stone and our rings

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