The Blood

Well, this has certainly been a morning of stirring already, and it’s only 9:18 am. Shuffling off to the coffee pot, I was drawn to the computer, an urge I attempted to ignore, but then thought, “Hmm, maybe there is something there I need to see this morning”. That, evidently, was an understatement. On the screen was a prophetic word that I’d not gotten to read yesterday, and didn’t want to miss. Things have been stirred up ever since, including a poem. I didn’t exactly intend for it to be a poem – I’d only meant to jot down those couple of thoughts before they escaped me; but out it all popped. 🙂  Will post it lastly.

But while was in the throne room, I was reflecting on this word, and the thoughts that had been stirred up. Internally, I was still seeking more. I was pondering on covenant, specifically His covenant. Every so often, a covenant needs to be renewed… or at least our awareness of and/or committment to. Most of God’s covenants – oaths and promises – were connected to blood. But hey, weren’t most of the ‘god’s’ we read, saw movies, and learned about sacrificed to? And the sacrifice was usually young, pure, innocent virgins. 

God’s ultimate sacrifice was in the form of a pure, innocent, blameless & spotless Lamb – Jesus. And before this sacrifice was made, this same Jesus declared (John 6) that unless one eat of His body, and drank of His blood, they would have no life in them.

cup of the covenant

So here I am thinking about the thought of drinking blood. OOOh gross. But ya know, people did that. Worse.. people still do. Seems to me there’s something else written about that.. about NOT drinking the blood of a slain animal, for it’s life was in it’s blood… Selah

But His life source is in the Blood. What Christians call the sacrament of Communion is the reminder of the covenant of God through His son Jesus, by His Blood. He told his disciples at the table, take and drink, this my blood, the cup of the new covenant.

What if we approached the Table, set out before us remembering EXACTLY what it represents – literally. Then what if we partook of this sacrifice made, and came back into covenant with the One who came into covenant with us, by His blood. By His blood and His suffering, God cut covenant with Mankind, an eternal, once for all, once and for all sacrificial covenant. A natural, spiritual, supernatural and eternal covenant. Life, with Him, forever more. Yeppers… and HE called it Love. 

"Like a Rose..."

“Like a Rose…”

For God, so LOVED the world, that He gave His only begotten Son (unto death!!!), that who-so-ever would believe on Him, would not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16) Oh, and that eternal life starts immediately. Knowing God IS eternal life, and fully getting to know Him will take an eternity – oh what a journey it is!!! 🙂

And for those to whom, when the cup is raised with a “Yes Lord” attached, may each and everytime, you remember not only the covenant He’s made, and may your ‘Yes Lord’ be made in return, not only with the agreement to receive what He has offered but also with your renewal of the covenant & your oath to walk it out.


The Blood of Jesus. 

Always available

Always needed

Always precious

Forever Expensive

Yes, Salvation is free

to those who’d receive

Yet Salvation is never free:



It is powerful.

ALL powerful.


Yes, we are redeemed,

Made Holy and Righteous

By the Blood


By the Blood


By the Blood we have


Everything contained

In that Salvation –

Healing, Wholeness,

Protection, Deliverance

Prosperity, Saved,

Forgiven and Set Free


Free to us –

Salvation was earned

By the One who hung

On the Tree

At Calvary


But WE must first

Believe it

Accept it


Receive it


THEN we can

Apply it

And be made

Clean, Well

& Whole

By It.

THEN we’re

To walk covered in It

And free others;

By the Blood

Nothing, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus


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