Out of Season? or Just in a Hurry for Spring!

Well, I guess the bulbed flowers outside, just couldn’t wait for Spring to be sprung in order to join the green and flowers from last year featured here. (I was in the need of bright cheery color, so I’d changed things up mid-winter.)

Just after mid-Jan I noticed little bits of green peeking through what I THOUGHT thick layers of mulch, and even over where we’d put down some stone. Sure enough, it was not my imagination. With storms headed our way, I did my best to cover them back up to protect them. Ha! By the beginning of February, they decided to make their entrance anyhow. It was about this time last year that they’d begun showing, and I thought it was too early then. So, I guess I’ll just hope and pray they survive the remains of winter, and that my crocuses don’t croak! (or the tulips, or daffodils!)

here come the crocus!

here come the crocus!

Tulips tulips... not only early but twice multiplied!
Tulips tulips… not only early but twice multiplied!


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