Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward – Marching on…

Been pondering this all week. Keeps coming back to Time.

Time... keeps marching on!

Time… keeps marching on!

Though it oftens seems that time slips right through our fingers, it’s just always marching forward. Kind of like Spring this year. As I hear birds now in the morning I don’t normally till spring (I know there’s a couple of robins out there somewhere!), and the bulbs are sprouting up everywhere I go; despite the calendar, Spring will make her appearance in her own timing – this year marching forward undaunted!

Kind of like the clouds were marching forward through the sky today, swiftly, like they had great purpose…

marching onward

marching onward

And so, if we too want to get where we want to, and need to in our lives, we also need to move forward! But to do so we need to get ourselves out of park and headed in the right direction…SAM_0204

Then step by step, putting one foot in the front of the other…SAM_0218

start moving forward!!  March on!


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