No Insignificant Request

It’s always been my firm belief, that God hears every prayer. He’s not deaf. Yes, I’m sure that statement could get me bombarded with probably a hundred scripture references to the contrary. But, awhile back when I went looking into it, in my limited theoligical training and understanding, it seemed that the rendering of ‘hears’ referred more to the act of actively listening than to ‘hearing’. Again.. God is not deaf. The one who knows and sees all surely hears all as well. Now, is He to be held responsible to act upon every cry? No, I believe not. I’m pretty sure that is where those scriptures come into play. As most parents know, there’s alot of requests and demands our children make that we do not act upon, and sometimes ‘pretend’ we don’t hear or maybe even tune out. Usually with good reason, often it’s having to do with attitude and motives. But when the request is sincere and especially important.. boom – we’re right there. And there is no request we love filling more than that child’s deepest hearts desire – usually for Christmas or a birthday etc. When we can that is. I think that may go for God as well – He is a good, good Father. Relationship goes a long way! πŸ™‚

“Delight yourself in the LORD,

and he will give you the desires of your heart Ps. 37:4″ NASB

Ok.. this is what I posted on FB a few minutes ago… it is what I logged on to post here. The rest just sort of popped out! πŸ™‚ Β Just know, your prayers are heard – as well as your heart!

“Do not withhold your hopes, prayers and petitions from God just because you think them too bold, too outrageous, too big or too impossible, or yourself too small, too insignificant. You could be exactly the ONE God is calling to come into agreement with His hopes and desires, the very ONE to be standing in the gap for the purposes of God in this earth. You have more influence in the Heavens than you think… even your very tears have a voice that resound.. I am undone – again. :)”


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