Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – Morning Still Comes

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

As I prepare this, the late night news reports on the bombings at the Boston Marathon. I’d not been aware of any of this until early this evening.

I was already in a subdued frame of mind. Two of my neighbors are in the midst of cancer battles. One is in the fight for life, literally. The other, her husband is scheduled for a surgery consult. For the latter, this is only but the latest in a string of serious struggles this family has faced.  And then the news.

These things change our perspective of life. Everything looks different. Everything changes; like seasons change, like day turns into night and night into day. This picture was taken on Valentines Day. It snowed, yet much of the month the temperatures seemed to herald an early spring. There was enough fog that the early morning sun lit up the snow and fog in an almost magical way. I chose this picture for the hope a new day brings. The sun always rises – whether we see it or not, until time is done, it is one thing we can count on. 

To those whose whole world changed today in Boston, and whose worlds are being rocked by other devastations – may the Lord Bless you, and keep you. I pray you feel the prayers and hope from people from all over the world coming your way.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – Morning Still Comes

  1. Beautiful sentiments accompanied by a picture that shows not only change but hope as well. I pray for the best for your neighbors and friends. God bless all of you.

  2. Visited with the both neighbor ladies today. The one in the nursing home got a terrific report this afternoon! “Looks like she’s going to be around for a quite awhile yet.” Pretty good news in the light of the fact that she died once in this process and wasn’t given more than a couple of days to a few months. She looked much better today than she did Sunday. God is soo Good!

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