An Award Surprise

Reposting this on my original/mother blog, since most of the award nominees know me from this page and not my missions page! But ya’ll are more than welcome to hop on over there too! 🙂

Mission Possible! 1st stop - Nicaragua


Ok, I am a bit in shocked and so honored. One of the sweeties I follow on my other blog, nominated this blog for the WordPress Family Blog Award. This is the first time one of my blogs has been honored as such, so I’m quite new at how this works. I’m adding this post about this, because it’s not just mine, but the ministry in Nicaragua. So here ya go Pastors Lynne, Glenn and Bonnie of Mateo 5:16 Ministries (along with all the young leaders involved!!!) and even Iris Ministries in Mozambique, Africa and beyond, and Shores of Grace Ministries in Brazil. You all are the hands and feet of God to the ‘Least of These’!

So, on to the formalities. This is sort of fun, since much of this is just sharing the LOVE!!

1. Display the award logo on your blog – Ok.. It’ll be here somewhere…

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