We Partake of The Lamb (And None Were Feeble Pt 2)

One week ago, I posted a writing “And None Were Feeble”. I’d had that verse coming to mind, over and over and over. Just the weekend prior, I was being reminded that though Jesus laid down His own life, He was sacrificed. Yes, sacrificed, just as bulls, goats and lambs were sacrificed  – a covenant cut with man. Then one more piece fell into place: to fellowship with His sufferings. This offering today is the song that came along with the other post, but I thought I’d spaced them out a bit. Much of the following is built on several years of revelations… Be Blessed…


We partake of the Lamb
Who was crucified and sacrificed
We partake of the Lamb
Who was slain
Perfect in every way
Spotless, pure perfection
Innocent in all of His ways

Still He was beaten
Still He was scorned
Battered and bruised and
torn in two
The Holy Lamb of God
The Holy Curtain
Torn that we might enter through

Only through the Lamb
Only through His Blood
May we enter the Holiest Place
Only through the Lamb
Only by His Grace
May we enter to seek His face

We enter into Covenant
Sealed by His Blood
We walk into the Promises
Washed Clean by the Blood

Sealed, Healed and Delivered!
Cleansed and made Whole
We partake of the Body
We partake of the Blood

We partake of His Sufferings
We partake of His Joy
We partake of the Sacrifice
So that we may be One

R S Munchel 2013

cup of the covenant


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