Time to Be Still…

It just seems to be one of those days…

This month has just flown by. But considering that I’ve been running about a 100 miles per hour most of the month, it should have. Now, finally with a couple of days to ‘slow down’, it seems like someone just slammed on the brakes and I’m watching everyone fly on by. (Ok, so after several days spent on freeways, the highway analogy just seems to make sense)

It’s not like I don’t need the ‘brake’ (aka break). It’s not like I don’t even need the rest. To be honest, I really don’t feel all that well at the moment – highway pollution combined with hot weather and an air conditioner on the fritz will do that. We’re even down to one vehicle since the truck ended the journey quite lame, so as he uses mine to do what he needs to do, I’m not going anywhere anyhow. 

Looking around at the chaos that was left over from the moving of my daughter and granddaughter 800 miles away, a huge double graduation / bon voyage party and getting behind at home due to the jammed schedule – it’s not like this isn’t the most perfect time to be getting caught up. So why do I feel like I’m in a strange funk? Almost as if something is wrong? Like I’m missing something, or missing out on something?

Fortunately – I’ve been here often enough to recognize there’s a shift. Whether it’s in the spiritual atmosphere around or within, or if it’s just the adjustment period after the rush or the absence of the presence of two loved ones who were well due to be out on their own, or even all of the above: I don’t know, but I know all will be well. It is in these times, that I need to just be still. To slow down. To not make any major life decisions or come to any hasty conclusions. It’s time to just be still. Be quiet in spirit and mind, and somewhat body. It’s time to just shhhh. Carry on with what needs to be done, one task at a time, and wait it out. It doesn’t usually take all that long for the equilibrium to come back and level out. 

So with peace in the waiting, yep, I’m just going to be still. Take a few deep breaths, let them out and let peace reign, trusting in the One who watches over and leads and guides. I’m not going to try to meet anyone’s expectations, or try to make an impression or impact (as not going to try to prove anything or give into performance). I’m not going to judge the situation or the people around me. All is well, and this too shall pass. It could so very well be, that it’s just another threshold of transition.

We shall see, we shall see… it’s just one of those days…


2 thoughts on “Time to Be Still…

    • Thank you. And actually, the ‘Time to be Still’ led to “A Key to Breakthrough” 🙂 Though, I’m pretty sure there are still things in the hopper!

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