Traveling to Georgia – Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Well, I had to laugh when I saw the subject for this week’s challenge, especially after being out for a couple of weeks.

Last Sunday, we began the journey to move my daughter down south to Georgia from Pennsylvania. I was quite disappointed when I realized just after reaching Georgia that my camera battery was dying and I’d neglected to grab the charger cord. I was more so disappointed when I realized I’d mostly taken pictures of ‘signs’ as we crossed from state to state. Some of them didn’t even turn out so well considering most of the time we were traveling 70 or more miles per hour. So imagine my reaction to the subject when I realized I fell right into it again! Even more oddly, as I was going through the photos taken, I found more and more signs that I’d not intentionally taken pictures of. Signs are just everywhere! Especially on a highway. Some of them are even moving! 

Signs that are saying, Hey! Stop here! Food! Lodging! Prices, goods and more. Maximum speeds and minimum speeds posted. You are ‘here’. This is where you are. This is how far to where you want to be. Directional signs, information signs. Signs for attractions and so much more. Even warning signs abound on highways full of construction! “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!”

sign collage 1 signs collage 2


4 thoughts on “Traveling to Georgia – Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. I see my water tower! 🙂 I was thinking of that song too. Five Man Electric Band.I do not know why I remember this 😦

    • Hey thanks! The effects comment makes me chuckle. Most of them were attempts to clean up the photos abit – especially since most were cropped out of other shots. I was trying to get shots of the ever growing mountain lines, which, at the speed we were traveling, were out of shot, blurry or hidden behind power lines, vehicles and or a bug splattered windshield! Then again, it’s amazing how fast a sign goes by when you’re trying to make it stand still for just a second! ha! 🙂

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