Moments – Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Fleeting – Every time I think about this challenge, I come back to the same thing.. moments. Moments are just that a moment in time, usually never to be repeated. They happen in an instant. They can form a memory that can last a lifetime, or be in themselves fleeting. How to capture a fleeting moment in time? Be blessed enough to have a camera in hand and at the ready with eyes open and heart and ear tuned.

Some of my favorite photos are not posed for, but those ‘moments’ that no one planned on, here this moment and gone the next. First shot, was ‘planned’ but still was but one moment in time… the candles don’t burn forever and a birthday comes only once a year. This one, my dad’s 80th will never come again – and we had a beautiful blow out that he never saw coming, truly a once in his lifetime moment. 

Dad's 80th Birthday Party

Dad’s 80th Birthday Party

This fleeting moment caught ‘unawares’ – my favorite. Don’t know if I did this or a friend. But this is my husband during an outdoor worship event…

caught in a moment

caught in a moment

These two are also worship settings. One a Gospel Choir which my friend is in, and her father leads. I loved the joy and animation on their faces. Not a quality pic, but you get the idea…

York County Gospel Choir singing in Red Lion, PA

York County Gospel Choir singing in Red Lion, PA

And an older photo I just adore, several young ladies just immersed in intent and intense worship… holding nothing back…(posterized) a beautiful moment caught frozen in time…

caught 2aAnd then there’s this last one of my eldest daughter are her grandpa’s party. I was frustrated with the camera and thanks to my youngest daughter was rediscovering B&W and I loved this shot. So totally in the moment, couldn’t have planned this if I’d tried…

Britt in B&W

Britt in B&W

With so many fleeting moments that have come and gone, I’m grateful to have grown up with camera’s all around to capture at least some of them!


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