How Shallow

I’ve been busy this weekend, and have hours of road time under my belt.  I absent mindedly walked out of the house without cds for the journey, even though I knew the radio station I listen to would be out of range in short order. At first I thought I’d find the local station I picked up on before on an earlier trip, but suddenly remembered that I had popped my mp 3 player in my purse just in case. Ha! This was a divine set up!

I chose to pull up a teaching set that I’d listened to before. Somehow, I don’t think I heard a thing on it the first time around. 

I was rocked by the revelations I was receiving in the midst of these teachings. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Maybe it’s just because I have a little more foundation under my feet. Maybe it’s just God’s timing. Maybe I just have ears to hear on another level. Maybe it’s all the above.  

But that’s not what this post is about.

In the set, the speaker references another teaching set that I really want to get my hands on, since he goes into greater detail on the things he was teaching. I couldn’t remember his website name, but instead of reaching for the Google, I pulled him up on Facebook since I knew he has a page there. 

I couldn’t believe it. As soon as I arrived I noticed the current status. My oh my, it was as if he’d been sitting in my vehicle for the last couple of days hearing what I’d been listening to, and hearing my thoughts. And after listening to all of this and coming to some much deeper understandings on a matter, I read this status and it’s like OOOOOOOh Yeah! I so agree! I get it! I would have missed the depths and profoundness of his simple statement, had I not had these hours of teaching and new revelations freshly under my belt.

I knew I needed to leave a comment. But I browsed through the other comments left as well. I was very surprised. Of all the comments left on this post, only one of them left the appearance that they really understood what the statement was referring to. 

I was a bit disappointed, and dismayed by many of the comments. I don’t think I’ve ever been so aware of the shallowness of much of what is said on these social media sites. Not so much of postings, as the responses. Statements that mean so little, made with no understanding of the matter. Or belittling comments – I don’t understand why they’re necessary at all.

Oh God, we can be so shallow. 

I think, I will be more aware in the days to come. Let my words have meaning.  My I have understanding before I open my mouth to speak …

(or fingers to type.)


One thought on “How Shallow

  1. It seems to me that with the advent of the social media sites such as facebook and twitter, a lot of people are posting and commenting just to be seen. It is as though if you have enough followers, you gain some sort of celebrity status and therefore validation.

    And we sometimes have to read or listen to a text several times, because there will be more than one interpretation. I’m glad that you heard what you needed to hear. God is very good about this!

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