God in a Box

I’m on to something that I have not words for. It’s bigger than my mind wants to wrap around yet. Maybe because it’s a spiritual truth that’s understood by the spirit and my mind just isn’t there yet. But there’s an awareness that God is soo much bigger and brighter and more beautiful than we could ever have imagined, and that there so much more for us, as His children, to tap into, to become a part of… 

We continually attempt to define and explain that which we have no answers for – thereby again cutting off the possibilities and ‘limiting’ God, when we could just say that we don’t understand… yet, and then let Him fill in the gaps somewhere on down the road.

Humanity keeps attempting to put limits in a limitless God, but it’s only we who have had limits. As we comprehend how limitless He is, we’ll have found that the boundaries of our limitations to be much much broader than we comprehended them to be. 

Get ready, there’s more to Him, and there’s more to us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God does not live in a box… of any size…

And He is WORTHY of worship.

His Glory


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