Just Saying Hello.

Evidently, It’s been a little while since I’ve been here. Less than 10 days actually, but it seems like months. So, I’m just stopping in to say ‘Hello’. 


Actually, after having spent some whirlwind time in getting ready for the fundraiser we just had over the weekend, running my daughter to and from work, doctor’s appointments and testings, and then learning music for the worship set for our first combined service Sunday, and then of course the 3 days of the weekend going almost non-stop from before dawn till late night – time has flown by!! I opened up WordPress a few times, but shut it right back down again, too tired to process much or write. But I have a few days to breath again, and attempt to catch up what got left behind at home.

And then we’re off again! We have a party this weekend for my soon to be 18 yr old. My gosh, we’ll officially be parents of all adults offspring. Hard to believe really. Sometimes I thought we’d never reach this point. Other times though, it’s as if we blinked and the time just disappeared in a moment. Her and I were just talking about how fast time seems to pass when you’re not in the school setting. It constantly amazes me how fast years go by now, in what used to seem like days, then weeks, then months. 

Speaking of her… it’s almost time to head back out the door… the mommy taxi at your service!



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