Being Fathered, Being a Child

Being Fathered, Being a Child

There are days we rise up to the occasion
Days we are filled with strength and might
There are days we awaken full of Love, Joy & Peace
Days we are standing in His Hope and Light

Then there are days when all strength is gone
And we haven’t a clue how to go on
Don’t know how we got here
Know less how to leave
Not sure what this place is
But craving His Peace

Then along comes a Voice
Beautiful and sweet
Strong and encouraging
Full of Love and Peace

Suddenly a wave of His Love washes over
And permeates all to core of your being
And just like a child once again you’ve become
Feeling safe and secure in the Father’s love

Thank God for the Papas
Whom He’s sent by design
Knowing His heart
At just the right time

With words of encouragement
And words of direction
Bringing Peace in the storm
With Love and Affection

You know you’ve been loved
With the Father’s Attention
Wrapped in His Love
And His mighty protection.

I found this tonight on my computer. Having just returned from Nicaragua, as I read this tonight, I can again identify moments in the last couple of weeks where I could write this all over again… thanks Glenn!

RS Munchel
April 1, 2011
For Glenn, my Spiritual Papa


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