Overtaken by Adoption

I think Pappa’s teaching me about the Spirit of Adoption. I loved my first son sooo incredibly much, I couldn’t even fathom how I could possibly love the one on the way too. Then we had two more too. And I found that one’s heart could be expanded, far greater than one could think possible. Now I have as many spiritual sons & daughters as natural. And I love them all. But I’m finding out today, that there’s an adoption – though not legal – that’s been taking place with a couple of them… as if they need more than just time, and counsel and the like… needing to be loved as if they were your own the whole time. And I’m finding out that I’m quite capable of doing that, that the love well does actually run deep enough, and my heart can expand wide enough to enfold the more. I can’t recall all the times over the years in situations, ‘God I need your heart! My heart’s not big enough, my love is not strong enough’. His Love is without limitation or restriction; He is Love. And we can love the more without taking a single drop away from the ones who we’ve brought into the world. My family has expanded, and I’m deeply moved by that today.

To those who’ve adopted children (aka Dana and Mike; Megan etc) – kudos. Oh what a gift He’s given you, and how blessed are your children!!! Adoptees are chosen and received – spiritually or naturally – whether they be big brothers, little sisters, mommas or pappas or sons and daughter; and the cords of love are just as real and can be just as strong.

And WE Beloved – through a choice made in Heaven and carried out on earth – have been adopted even by the Father who created us in the first place – that we might become sons (and daughters) for all eternity. And His love it true, strong, unending, and soooo massive and immeasurable that it’s incomprehensible in our human understanding – but it’s real and its forever.


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