In A Whisper

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In A Whisper

I’ve heard how men I respect and try to emulate pray when they are alone with God.  Some get fired up and loud.  Some just talk like they are speaking to another person in the room.  This has been a stumbling block for me in the past.  I’ve always whispered.  Even when I’m completely alone with Him, nobody around for miles.  I just whisper to Him.

Today He said to me, “You have no need to get any louder than you do when you talk to Me.  You intuitively know that I’m so close, all you need to do is whisper.”

Then I got all this imagery of lovers whispering.  There’s something intimate and tender about a whisper.  There’s an understanding in a whisper that goes beyond just intimacy.  It’s a trust.  Even in a crowded room, a trusted loved one will hear your whisper because they are always anticipating the sound of your voice.  I have fashioned my ear to hear His whisper and somehow I understand that He has done the same for me.


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