Bryan’s Gems – Who Told You You Were Naked

Here’s one of Bryan’s posts from a few days ago… I keep coming back to it. At first I didn’t know why… but God and I are working that one out…  I pray it speaks to the deep places in you as well.


Who Told You You Were Naked

In Genesis 3, just after Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and clothed themselves with fig leaves, we find this exchange between The Father and Adam:

Genesis 3:10 So he said, ” I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.”
11 And He said, “ Who told you that you were naked?…”

We still fall into this trap today.  It’s important to chew through the events that transpired here one step at a time in order to see the dynamic.

  1. Adam and Eve were naked.
  2. God had fellowship with them while they were naked.
  3. Adam and Eve’s eyes are opened and they see they are naked.
  4. They attempt to hide their nakedness.
  5. Adam vocalizes to God that he and Eve are naked.
Nowhere in that set of events does God declare the nakedness of Adam and Eve.  He knew they were naked and had no problem with it.  In fact, God created them naked and called them “very good”.  It was Adam who had a problem with being naked.  Adam made it an issue when God had not.  
How often are we passive accomplices to finding something objectionable that God does not?  What did God find objectionable about what Adam and Eve had done?  Was it that they were naked or that they had given away their innocence and suddenly felt shame at being naked?  When God covered them with animal skins did He do it for His sake or for theirs?  Remember that nakedness wasn’t a problem for God, but it was for Adam.  Adam could not see himself as God did, so when he saw his naked body, he felt shame.  God knew that He was bound by His Word and could not undo what Adam had done, so He clothed them.
Who has told you that you are naked?  Who has called filthy what God has called “very good” in you?  If there is any part of you that you consider less-than, ask yourself who labeled it.  Men and women alike struggle with self-esteem issues because they have taken as gospel what another human has said about them either in word or deed.  Many people take as dogma and doctrine in Christianity many things that are not found in the Bible.  Search it out.  Find out what God has said and what He continues to say.  You may find that the person who passed down judgement never had the authority to do so…

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