WPC: Threshold – Destiny’s Doorway

Crocuses... not doing their best on a dismal looking spring day...

Crocuses… not doing their best on a dismal looking spring day…

This is the first opportunity in many months to participate since my camera took a nose dive.. but I have camera on my phone, and while not the best… hey… at least I can do something. I had to hop in on this one when I saw the challenge title!

Many prophetic voices have been calling this the year of the open doors. Did you ever feel like you are just on the very edge of what you know you were put on earth to do, but just can’t quite get across that threshold between what was and what will be? Destiny’s Door is standing right before you, and it feels like an eternity on the threshold, even thou it might be crossed in the blink of an eye.

What has that to do with some crocuses? Yea, I’m stretching it a little, and yet not. I titled the photo Almost Spring. Most of us here in PA have been experiencing a spring that just never quite gets to jump into full swing. It still feels like wepre on the cusp between winter and spring. But fear not, warmth will be on the way soon, a long with the sun.. haha and more spring showers.. it is April after all. Don’t know that the crocuses are going to last very long, some haven’t even been able to open yet, but the daffodils and tulips are on the way! Color is coming to meet the Spring.

You, like Spring, will cross your threshold into your new day.. just keep pressing on!


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