Gems from the Rooftop – and Beyond

I started on the ministry / missions page (Mission Possible!…) a new category – ‘From the Rooftop’ – to share some of the gems I’d written in my journal; lessons learned and revelations received during my time with the Lord while seated on the rooftop of Casa Mateo Missions House, where we stayed in Nicaragua. But already I must add the disclaimer, that not all my writings were from the rooftop! I don’t know.. maybe I just carried that rooftop atmosphere with me throughout the day! I went looking in the journal last night to find the next gem and was disappointed that many weren’t from the roof. But I want to share them anyway! 🙂 

So, there ya have it, my official disclaimer that not every gem in this category came from the rooftop!! 🙂 

Unless it was raining pretty good, I tried to make it up to the roof at least once or twice a day. The view is terrific. Casa Mateo is one of the tallest buildings in Jinotepe, so you can see pretty much all of the town. But you also can see a large volcano – Mombachu, as well as mountain ranges and ‘strings’ of volcanoes that border the Pacific. On a very clear day, you can just about make out that ocean horizon. On a clear night, the stars are ablaze. In both scenarios, without impeding structures, the sky is large, and even when clouds are racing across the sky, there is so much openness, like sitting on a mountain top. Here, it is so easy to feel set apart from everything (even though in a small city) and closer to God.

So began the discipline of meeting with God, rising pretty doggone early to try to catch the sunrise, or maybe early enough to beat the making of the coffee to take along up… 

“Just Worship Me”

A gem from the Rooftop!! Starting a new category on both pages…

Mission Possible! 1st stop - Nicaragua

“Just Worship Me”

That’s what I heard that morning.

It wasn’t about journaling or reading or studying, or even praying. It was a time HE wanted me JUST to commune with Him through worship.

Worship, takes my focus off of me and my stuff, or others and their stuff. Worship takes my focus back to Him, and into His Presence. 

In His Presence – everything is seen differently, or fades away – unimportant. Rest is found, Clarity is given, Peace is restored. 

Sometimes, we just need to STOP, Drop and Worship; and watch the rest come into alignment as we become realigned. Sometimes, 5 minutes, is all we need to turn everything around, from chaos to sanity…  

‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures

and leads me beside the still waters,

He restores my soul.” 

Psalm 23:1-3:a

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