Dance in the Rain

What I really wanted

Is to dance in the rain

Holding nothing back

Everything to gain


But that’s not what happened

As the downpours came

In the midst of the storms

I just crumbled again


As I cried out to You

My tears fell like the rain

I stumbled and fell

My heart full of shame


But You never leave me there

Crumpled on the floor


No, You never leave me there


You pick me up

And say you’re OK

You say “Trust Me now,

I’ll never leave you

And I’m right here, 

Child, I’m right here


Be still My Child

It’ll be alright

Cause I’ve got you now 

And I’ll hold you tight


Give it all to Me

I want everything

I paid the price

To set you free

Let go of the shame

And give Me your pain

I’ll work it out

It’ll be all right

Just wait and see

And leave it to Me


Dust yourself off now

And remember you are Mine

You’re never alone

Remember you are Mine


Dance like you want to

Praise, come what may 

You’re getting stronger 

You can dance….. 

Dance in the rain.”


At Your Throne

I come into Your Throne Room

and kneel before the Mercy Seat

It’s Your Throne Father

that I’d bold approach

That’s Where I long to be

Just You and Me


But it’s only through The Blood

It’s only through The Blood of the Son


Your Blood is Pure

Your Blood gives Life

It cleanses Me

And sets me Free

Breaks every chain

Takes every yoke

Your Love endures 

for all of Time

I am Forgiven

I am Loved

and by Your Blood

We are One

Just a Little Elfing Around

Wrote this little poem while thinking about my poor ‘Elf on the Shelf’ who stills sits in the attic until we get the stuff down, while peoples like my pastor and his wife are having all these elf adventures that they’ve been sharing… suddenly these silly rhymes and such come bubbling up… so I dedicate this ‘Ode’ to the Connolly’s and their “Elf, NOT on the Shelf!

Christmas Green!

Christmas Green!

An Ode of  An Elf (From the Shelf!)

Oh once there was

This cute little elf

All that he did

Was sit on his shelf


Unless of course

There was a curious tot

Who couldn’t wait till he could reach

That elf on the shelf


And then one day

One of the curious tots

Who fell in love with the

“Elf on the Shelf”

Went out and bought

Her own “Elf on the Shelf”


Oh how proud

Was this new little elf

To move to his new home

Finally off the store shelf


A couple of years later

This elf hear the rustling,

Of rumors from beyond

The fun others were engaged upon


Oh his heart quickened

And he so couldn’t wait

Until it was his turn

What adventures he’d take


He began to count

The days and the hours

Till Christmas would come

And he’d play with the others


But no! Something was amiss!

It seemed he was forgotten

Way up in his attic shelf


Stored away in the boxes

Of wrappings and ribbons,

Of Christmas décor and all the tree trimmins


He had to escape

This arctic prison

(Yeah, in the summer

It’s more like an oven!)


He wanted to fly

He wanted to soar

To ride the trains

Pirate ships and more




He longed to sleep

In the freshly cut pine

To awaken in time

To lose the curious kitten


Oh the dreams he would live

If he could just get loose

And climb down out from the attic

To ride the caboose


As Christmas grew closer

More perturbed grew the elf

Not so much now,

Just a Nice ‘Elf on the Shelf’


“They’d better come get me

And let down from my perch

Oh I’ll make them be sorry

They bought the Elf on the Shelf!”


Yeah, the mom down below

Began to feel the thunder

Of the stompins and fits

And the sounds of plunder


She thought she heard thunder

But all it did was snow,

Yet that reminded her of Christmas

And time for the light shows


So all the while

The elf plotted and planned

His acts of revenge

He’d execute when not banned


Then just on the ledge of mutiny

He’d shown up at the edge of the stairs

To free all the boxes

And all the Christmas goodies


And there here ends

This Ode of an Elf

Oh aren’t you glad

You don’t own that Elf!